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Know Your Identity-The Other Side of Reality was a major awakening as my life’s view increased and sent me on a pioneering journey through uncharted terrain unraveling the person I thought I was.  This inner exploration taught me the truth to Gandhi’s quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”    My experience impressed upon me that our perspectives play a vital role in life when the metaphysics students perceived me crazy as they listened to my visual phenomena descriptions that no one saw.


Decisions!  Choices! Options!  I knew that I was not insane.  My inner observation was real and I set out to prove it.  Mental growth increased with research on the paranormal, dreams, the visual system, hours of visual variation experiments, the brain, the hemispheres, the mind, holography and microscopes.


I thought my life’s path begin with my visual phenomena and being thought foolish.  As my knowledge and understanding expanded, I became aware that my journey actually begin prior to childhood.  My soul knew what it needed to master to evolve itself and humanity as it guided this human adventure towards this life’s purpose.


Know Your Identity-The Other Side Of Reality was an adventurous path of self discovery that will endlessly haunt your consciousness and, no doubt, be thought provoking and controversial.




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