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Mary Coffin Johnston


My journey began with the sorrows of the 1980’s recession, I thought, but as my conscious and subconscious communications, dream guidance to discipline my negative thoughts, habits, fears, emotions, and temper, gained hemispheric coherence, my awareness expanded. I came to understand my life’s purpose was to write my story and show humanity the vital role our perceptions play in life had began prior to childhood as life’s memories surfaced.

Conceived during the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, I arrived on earth August, 1942.  Raised on a rural farm in Idaho, I took long walks along the nature trails beside Boise River ‘s soothing water sounds. This meditative experience, no doubt, strengthened my subconscious soul mind.

A fly in a door-less room with three large balloons chasing me was a childhood recurring nightmare.  I escaped capture by dashing to a corner.  A dream fly symbolizes a pest that won’t go away until the dreamer deals with a situation.  Balloons imply rising above a situation, seeing things from a different perspective, doing the unexpected, unusual and unpredictable.  My child consciousness was unable to grasp the dream message.

Two out of body experiences (OBE) occurred approximately ten years apart.  I floated up to the ceiling looking down at my body.  Fear set in. The two OBE’s were instantly over.  Hindsight suggests they were my introduction to the paranormal.

I married my Navy Pen Pal, who called one evening stating he’d be home at 5:00 P.M.  The clock chimed 10 P.M. as I left to look for him.  At 3:00 A.M., the police informed me he was pronounced dead at exactly 10:00 P.M.  Was I sensitive to his death thought vibrations?  In opposition, during my second marriage, a group of friends meant including a psychometric reader. Sensing my earring vibrations, she stated back and forth between 3 and/or 6 children (I had 3 biological and 3 step).  After ten minutes she blurted out, “Your husband’s having a vasectomy!”  Yikes!  He was scheduled for the procedure that next morning.  I had told no one.  Was the reader receptive to my thought vibrations over my husband’s surgery?

The 1980’s recession came with business and home liquidations and our six grown kids had moved out.   A motor home was purchased to travel and calm our fried emotions.  My six month deep introspection searched for a new life’s goal and climaxed with a decision to become a published writer.  Grammar and writing books were studied.  Enrollment in a two-year writing course with The Institute of Children’s Literature (ICL) resulted in three completed manuscript’s with the theme of perception.   Was I a follower of an unknown force pushing me to the decision to be a writer?

Writing courses at Indiana University were enrolled in along with joining a Metaphysics School to learn concentration, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, telepathy and meditation.  At that time, my mysterious visual phenomena begin.  Plus, the school gave each student a past-life reading. My prior life regarded perceptions and perspectives.

Not wanting to be memorized by one guru, I enrolled in Indiana University ‘s dream class taught by Dr. Rosa Stone.  My dream messages showed I didn’t know my identity, my habits and thoughts that needed controlled or eliminated then nagging messages to put my ideas on paper for organization to make my thoughts clearer. I accumulated eight detailed journals of dreams, thoughts, strange visual experiences, and research notes.   A year’s procrastination over the task facing the complex maze of all the data collected was inwardly debated.  I gave in to the inner force to write my story, methodize to provide me with a step by step analysis, as well as, an ending which I had no conclusion.  Every aspect of research data was compared to journal notes.  Hindsight suggests my dream maker was that persistent pesky fly who wouldn’t leave me alone until I dealt with the writing situation.

Thirteen years were spent pulling together my journal notes, ideas and research data into the first draft for Know Your Identity–The Other Side Of Reality.  Indiana University asked me to give a lecture on The Learning Style of Dreams.  Plus, three years were spent as publicity director for Central Indiana Professional Writers.

Research was ongoing and my mysterious vision was described under the name of Tattvic tides by a psychic who stated the visions as being tuned into psychic energy and called it a psychological “trick” to bring the images into mental apprehension (W. E. Butler, The Magician, Pg. 84).

My intuition did not accept that explanation recalling Leadbeater’s statement “…never to hunt for an occult explanation of anything when a plain and obvious physical one is available” (C.W. Leadbeater, Clairvoyance, Pg. 154).

A two year search for a scientific name to my visions was found.  Based on the known representations, I knew my nightly eye experiments had expanded my visual phenomena images beyond the known scientific threshold and that not knowing had pushed forth my desire to understand my idealistic mystery; otherwise, I would have relented to the scientific knowledge as to what is and what is not, thus, losing the stamina to push forth beyond the known into the unknown.  Ignorance caused my creative imagination to point out novel, unexpected, unusual, unpredictable solutions and different perceptions in ways that science had not considered to explain my eyesight phenomena.  Sonofagun!  I love that damn fly.    

More years were spent putting together my detailed visual variation experiments website to explain vision which resulted in my divergent, holographic, theoretical visual model.  At last, my condensed, published manuscript using positive coherent energy of love reveals one way to Know Your Identity, as well asthe revelation to let The Other Side of Reality shine through and show the vital role perceptions and perspectives play in life using my visual experiences as examples.



Mary Coffin Johnston , Fh.E


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