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24 Mar

The human brain consists of a left and right hemisphere or conscious and subconscious minds. The 1960’s historic split-brain experiments brought forth the understanding that each hemisphere has its own separate thought and memories, and perceives reality in its own way due to their different thinking modes.


For example, the left hemisphere (LH) knows an objects name but cannot recognize it and has a genetic advantage due to reinforcement of each verbal input which strengthens the conscious mind to be the dominant verbal thinker.  The right hemisphere (RH) has been dubbed “the unconscious mind” because of its nonverbal mode using images instead of words. The right brain recognizes the object but does not know its name. In most people, the RH’s intuitive, recognition, communication and other abilities are undeveloped.


The two hemispheres exchange information neurologically via the corpus callosum and presents to us the illusion of being one person.  Awareness, hemisphere coherence and quieting the conscious mind is the key to unraveling the illusion of being a single unified mind.  Some people have intuitive awareness of the two minds as Kipling wrote many years ago:


I would go without shirt or shoe,
Friend, tobacco or bread,
Sooner than Lose for a minute the two,
Separate Sides of my head!

–Rudyard Kipling, “The Unified Hemispheres”


One of the most dramatic illustrations of the brain’s duality is our inner dialogue. A teenager was caught shoplifting and when picked up stated:  ” I don’t know why I did it.  It was like the devil was in me and God was in me and the devil won.” This conversation was between the verbal conscious and the nonverbal telepathic subconscious minds.


Dreams are the easiest way to communicate with the subconscious mind. They originate in the RH and are often nonverbal, emotional, full of images and can creatively put images together to form wholes.


The Learning Style of Dreams


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