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22 Mar

Orthodox visual science perceives that the images we see are in the brain’s visual cortex and give the illusion of being projected outside the brain.  A new wave of rebels challenge the current visual theory and echo new perceptions.


  1.  “The conventional scientific assumption is that they [images] are inside the brain.  But this theory may be radically wrong.  Our images may be outside us.  Vision may involve a two-way process….”

–Rupert Sheldrake, Seven Experiments That Could Change The World, Pg. 99.


  1.  “The human body is like a sieve, it is built to allow energy to flow through it.”

–Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D, Light-Medicine of the Future, Pg. 177


  1.  In opposition to the orthodox visual theory, a divergent theoretical holographic visual model revels visual energy is a two-eyed flow through system.  The external object’s positive electrical signals connect with the exiting negative visual decoded impulses at the external backdrop, create an interference pattern and present to the extended mind the sight sensation – a hologram!

— M. Johnston, Know Your Identity Visual Experiments


Know Your Identity Visual Experiments website includes detailed experiments and diagrams for Negative and Positive Afterimages, Microscopic Vision, Parallel Focus, Cross-Eyed Focus, Stereogram Focus, Stereoscope Vision, and the Eye Brain Holographic Visual Model which show major clues that vision is a hologram.


Scientist Dennis Gabor invented holography in 1947 and the 1960s introduced the largest holographic advancement using a laser with its output of coherent light. I present this visual experience and experiments planting seeds to spark curiosity for future generations to analyze and study to explain holographic vision and create a new holographic microscope–a new direction in holography modeled after the human visual system.


Without a doubt, new ideas will be rejected by society’s collective consciousness and meet with resistance. Is this divergent theoretical holographic visual model worthy of investigation?  Your choice.






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